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Mud Marvels Mask™

Mud Marvels Mask™ deeply cleanses, detoxifies skin, evens and brightens skin tone. It minimises pores, helps control oily skin, spots and blemishes. Powered by activated charcoal and ground volcanic ash, along with purifying kaolin and bentonite, to deeply cleanse and detoxify skin. AHA's gently exfoliate resulting in a radiant, refreshed complexion.  A complex of nourishing oils ensures effective, facial-quality results, without feeling stripped.  Men will love this too.


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Mud Marvels Mask™ is powered by activated charcoal and ground volcanic ash to deeply cleanse and detoxify skin. With a complex of nourishing oils and purifying kaolin and bentonite, skin feels cleansed, revitalised and radiant without being stripped.

Active ingredients


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL has been treated with oxygen to provide a super effective absorbency, helping to extract toxins. Skin is deep cleansed, pores are unblocked and feels the relief of being totally refreshed.

VOLCANIC ASH draws out impurities to give your complexion a firmer, smoother and brighter appearance.

NATURAL AHA COMPLEX are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, proven to exfoliate by loosening and removing the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal newer, more youthful cells below. AHA’s help to remove dry skin allowing better penetration of treatment products and are beneficial in treating blemished, congested skins. All skins look fresher, smoother and more luminous.

COMPLEX OF NOURISHING OILS including; Oat Oil, rich in skin identical lipids including ceramides, antioxidants and Vitamins; Sweet Almond Oil which is a rich source of Vitamin E and Cocoa butter. All combine to support the skin’s natural lipid barrier, improve moisture retention and leave the skin feeling luxuriously soothed and smoothed.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua (Water), Kaolin, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Glycerin, Bentonite, Charcoal Powder, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Pumice, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond ) Oil, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Stearate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Citronellol, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Glycolate, Sodium Malate, Sodium PCA, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Lactic Acid, Linalool, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Isoeugenol, Citric Acid, Glycolic Acid, Malic Acid.



Maleka has a tip for those with excessively oily or problem skins. In between using this as a Mask, mix a pea-sized amount in with your Luxury Facial Wash™ to get an extracting, deep cleanse...quickly.
A tip for combination skins is to use a thin layer of Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™ on the cheeks before applying the Mud Marvels Mask™ so that you balance the effects to suit the skin condition in different areas.

Please provide us with usage tips you have discovered and would like to share with fellow MERUMAYA customers. We will try to publish as many as we can on our website and you are welcome to post on our Facebook page too www.facebook.com/merumaya



Customer Reviews

Second time luckyReview by Lyn P
I love a mask and decided to try Merumaya's Mud Marvels Mask. After a battle to get the mask out of the tube I used my Erborian mask brush to put it on. After 15' I used fingers and warm water to remove it. Doddle to remove it

Oh, dear, I had more lines than Clapham Junction!!

Left using mask for sometime. In meantime I'd bought a l'Occitane key which works a treat to get the mask out of the tube

Second time I used the mask I only applied it to my cheeks, nose and enlarged pores on chin. Success. I now use the mask twice a week

Happy 76 year old bunny who has just reordered it (Posted on 13/11/2016)
Guys Love It TooReview by Jay
As a 42 year old guy I realise the importance of skincare, even for us guys!
I've used tons of masks from the peel off ones to mud masks like these, I normally buy samples now as got sick of throwing away a full size because it either didn't work as promised or made my skin look worse!
Had the trial size of this and used it a few nights ago! Well It's probably one of the BEST masks I've ever used! Ease of use, feel on the skin and results were all top notch stuff!
Well impressed and I'm here now to order the full size!
Skin looked so smooth and had a great glow to it right after use, I just looked well.
Obviously everyone has different results but for me this shall now become a staple in an aging mans skincare! Awesome product! : (Posted on 26/02/2016)
HeavenlyReview by T
Just tried this mask, as I suffer from sensitive skin was a bit sceptical, but wow wow wow!! Love it and won over. Made my skin feel like new, soft and smooth. My skin did not react to it,slight tingle but not uncomfortable. Easy to apply and to remove. Best described as heavenly! (Posted on 29/09/2015)
Instantly radiantReview by Emilia (Tester)
My skin felt very clean after I washed the mask off by using a face cloth. It was a lot brighter than usual, none of the other mud masks I have used made my skin instantly radiant. The redness has calmed down and skin was feeling fresh and radiant afterwards. I am thoroughly satisfied.
It was easy to remove, it didn't dry up hard like most clay/mud masks. I removed it by using a face cloth which made it easy and not messy.
I loved the smell, very relaxing and calming.
I experienced just the right amount of tingle, it felt like the mask was really working on my skin but wasn't aggravating it.
I would love to have this mask in my beauty saviours stash as I can see myself using it a lot simply because it didn't dry my skin out, instead it made my skin feel radiant and hydrated and fresh. I am very satisfied with the results.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Very clean without dryness or tightnessReview by Hayley (Tester)
Skin felt really clean, smooth, soft and like it had been exfoliated. I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin - very smooth, makeup sat better over the top. However, it didn't dry or cause tightness.
Really easy to remove with warm water and a flannel - no scrubbing required!
The smell was uplifting and invigorating.
What I loved was the texture and ease of applying, no flaking or horrid rolly bits of product. Applied just as easy as a cream and didn't feel like I needed to pile it on.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
A dream to applyReview by Sharon (Tester)
My skin felt rather clean after using this mask. I have small areas of stubborn blackheads and I believe they have been reduced. Incredibly easy to remove. Very surprised.
All in all the product is a dream to apply - beautifully light, luxurious and mouse like texture.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Perfect!Review by Esra (Tester)
Perfect! My pores are clean, my skin is brighter. NO spots! Me and my friends saw the difference and told me how healthy I look. They asked me what I have done. :)
I think this mask is perfect for my skin.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Absolutely loved itReview by Andrea (Tester)
My skin felt extremely clean. It was very soft and had a noticeable "glow." It feels really hydrated and soft, even the morning after use I can still notice it. It was easy to remove, it didn't need scrubbing . I just used a hot flannel and it removed quickly and easily.
The smell was pleasant, not "muddy" at all and not too strong a smell, just perfect.
It was easy to apply and non-messy.
Would definitely buy it, by far the best mud mask I have ever tried. I absolutely loved it. Thank you for letting my trail it.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Lovely smell and textureReview by Viktoria (Tester)
My face felt extremely clean, but not stripped or tight. I felt no immediate desire to put on moisturiser, and just let my skin be for a bit before I did. My skin looked quite bright and fresh - sort of shiny, but in a youthful way, rather than oily! My skin felt extremely soft, and I found that my serum absorbed quickly and easily, more so than usual.
I removed the mask with a flannel wrung out in warm water. That mask was no more difficult to remove than any mud mask that I have used - and as with any others, it's a bit of a flannel stainer! I found that it did not stick unpleasantly to my skin, due to its smooth texture, and it was not draggy, which I liked because I prefer not to scrub at my face.

I thought the smell was very pleasant, quite natural/botanical smelling.
It did tingle slightly, but not in an unpleasant way. The mask gave a pleasant cooling sensation to the skin, this was really nice as I felt quite tired when I applied it, and it really made me feel quite fresh and revived.

I very much liked the texture. Often, I find that masks have bits in them that I suppose are intended to be exfoliating. I don't particularly like this as I find them scratchy. I don't look for a mask to exfoliate my skin, so I loved the smooth texture of your mask.
The colour is very appealing, weirdly!
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Extremely Clean!Review by Lekha (Tester)
Skin felt extremely clean! Noticed my skin was brighter straight away and the next morning. Felt smoother - could tell it had exfoliating properties. Dried out a hormonal breakout too, which is a bonus. Pores were less visible too. Was easy to remove with a Merumaya Daily Cleansing Cloth and warm water. LOVE the smell. Felt a cooling sensation when applied, not uncomfortable though. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Impressed with the resultsReview by Lorraine (Tester)
Skin felt very clean and refreshed. My skin looked visibly brighter - it gave me the elusive 'glow.' The pores in my T-zone were visibly reduced in size and my skin felt much softer and smoother. Very easy to remove, I used a wet face cloth and had no problems. The smell is similar to those of other masks I have had applied in beauty salons. It sounds silly but it had the sort of smell which made you think it was working hard! The tingling sensation again implied that the mask was working hard.
I loved the look, smell and feel of the mask. I was happy and impressed with the results once the mask had been washed off.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Blackheads not as visibleReview by Sarah (Tester)
Skin felt really clean - tighter and smooth. Slightly brighter after one use - sure I would notice with more applications. Blackheads around nose are not as visible. Really easy to remove with warm flannel. Love the herbal smell. Tingled slightly but only for a minute or so. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Makeup went on betterReview by Keili (Tester)
Nice and fresh and clean but not squeaky. When I applied a light foundation the day after it went on better and my skin looks smoother. Oily T-zone doesn't seem to bad after almost six hours. It came off amazingly well! Never has any mask come off quite so easily before. The washcloth and sink needed a good clean though! :)
The smell was subtle and nice. It felt more fresh than tingly - it was pleasant.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Skin less oilyReview by Claire (Tester)
This made my skin feel very clean and more glowy. My skin was slightly less oily due to the use of this mask. It was easy to remove and didn't stain the flannel either. It smelt natural - not overpowering. Tingled slightly on application. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Clean, bright and softReview by Julie (Tester)
My skin felt very clean, definitely brighter than usual and felt softer too after using the mud mask. I noticed some redness I had was not so noticeable and my pores seemed smaller. It was very easy to remove. The smell was very nice considering the appearance! Much better than my current facemask. The mask felt cooling, then tightening. It is much smoother than my current mask which has chunks in it, which are a little bit annoying because if you move your face the chunks fall off and make a bit of a mess. I really liked the smoothness of application when using this mask. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Skin deeply cleansedReview by Laura (Tester)
My blemish prone skin felt deeply cleansed and fresh! It definitely gave me more of a glow. My skin felt very clean, refreshed and refined. The smell was faint but pleasant. It tingled slowly before hardening. It's a lovely product. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Clean and FreshReview by Nikki (Tester)
My skin felt very clean and fresh and was much brighter after using the mud mask. It was also softer and smoother. It was easy to remove and I liked the smell. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Clean, softer and reduced redness. Review by Catherine (Tester)
After use my skin felt extremely clean and noticeably softer. Helped with redness by calming and cooling my skin. Very easy to remove, didn't take much effort with a wet face cloth. Tingled a little on application but not too much, doesn't sting or feel harsh. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Thick, pure and activeReview by Sarah (Tester)
Very clean - I didn't feel any residue and it felt cleaned deep down without that dry "squeaky" feeling. The next morning I definitely saw reduced redness in my areas of acne. My skin felt smoother and looked better under makeup. Areas without acne looked brighter and more glowing. The congestion around my mouth appeared a little smoother and for the next day or so after use. I liked the smell and the texture. It smelt very fresh and herbal but totally natural, not like fragrance has been added. The mask tingled slightly, but comfortably so. It tingled more at first but felt like a comforting "this is working" sensation. I didn't find it at all uncomfortable to wear for the 15 minutes and it wasn't irritating.
I think the mask was lovely; it felt thick and pure and active.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Loved itReview by Sarah (Tester)
My skin seemed clearer after one use. Next morning my skin remained moisturised. Often with central heating etc skin very dry after a night's sleep. Not so this morning after mask the night before.
After three uses the mask definitely has my approval. My skin is very hydrated and very clear.
It is easy to remove and apply. I loved the texture and the fact that it dried so quickly but did not go crusty. I liked the smell. It didn't tingle as such, I just had a cold feeling around my top lip after the first few minutes which lasted a few seconds. I loved it.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
Skin left radiant and soft. Review by Vicki (Tester)
My skin felt smooth, supple and very clean after use. My skin looked glowing and I would say quite a lot brighter than before the mask. My skin looked radiant and felt very soft. It was easy to remove. I used a warm flannel and I didn't need to rub or drag at my skin. The mask just wiped away very easily. The mask tingled a little around my nose. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
LuxuriousReview by Clare (Tester)
My skin felt very clean and soft after using the sample. My skin was brighter and gave as good results as my usual face mask. I felt as though my pores had a deep cleanse and felt tighter. I was easy to remove with a flannel. I like the smell. I love essential oils and this smelt luxurious. The mask tingled upon application and for the first couple of minutes. (Posted on 10/09/2015)
Skin clean and glowingReview by Laura (Tester)
Skin felt very clean after use, but not so clean that it felt dry or tight. I did notice more of a glow by the morning. My skin felt super soft and had less redness. Also my skin seemed plumper and more supple. Blemishes were at the surface so easy to dispose of.
It was very easy to remove, I just used a warm, damp flannel. Very little rubbing required! Probably the easiest mask to remove, I normally have to really rub hard. The smell was wonderful, slightly menthol-like. The mask tingled on application, only for about 20 seconds. It certainly wasn't unpleasant.
(Posted on 10/09/2015)
LovelyReview by Georgina (Tester)
A little brighter straight after use. Lovely the following morning after sleeping with serum. It's texture to apply was lovely. (Posted on 10/09/2015)

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