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Iconic Youth Serum™

Iconic Youth Serum™ significantly improves lines & wrinkles, elasticity, radiance, hydration, dark spots and plumpness, resulting in a more youthful, healthy-looking skin. Low mollecular weight Hyaluronic Acid is anti-ageing while it simultaneously helps to prevent spots and blemishes.  Echium Oil, a plant source of Omega 3,6,9 provides the best anti inflammatory action to soothe sensitive skin, problem skin and helps prevent skin ageing.  Essential for every skin types.

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This is the heart-beat of the MERUMAYA collection. An exclusive complex of 10 clinically tested, active ingredients all used in full concentration, makes this uniquely anti-ageing and preventative ageing face serum, an essential part of every skincare routine. It truly is the Integrative concept in a bottle.  No matter our age, it is never too late to prevent further skin ageing and even though young, you already have skin damage that needs addressing.  All about ageing youthfully, this face serum is also brilliant for those with problem/blemish/acneic skins because it contains ingredients that help to stimulate the beta defensins that help to prevent the microbial invasion that causes spots as well as those that calm the skin.  Perfect too for sensitive skins that need strong anti-inflammatory action to soothe and calm irritation and redness.

I am so proud of this formula which contains, minerals, stearidonic acid, stem cells, powerful anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and enhances beta defensins, endorphins, collagen and elastin while evening out dark spots and unevens skin tone and improving lines, elasticity, radiance, plumpness, smoothness.  You can see the results from the very first applicationa and they just keep getting better and better.

It all comes enveloped in a rich serum that enages the senses - velvety feel, sensual signature essence blend, healthy sheen and very often compliments from friends.  I always say, if there is only one of my products you buy, let it be this one.  It fits into any skincare routine and I have had customers with real skin ailments and conditions benefit from amazing results too. Take a look at the active ingredients tab for more information but here is a taster...

Echium oil (RevitElix™), a "repair-elixir" and natural source of Ω3-6-9 acids is clinically tested to stimulate the production of dermal tissue proteins, soothe the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore smoothness and elasticity.

RESISTEM™, CHROMOCARE™ and VENUCEANE™ constitute a highly concentrated and sophisticated triplet, each clinically tested, to act as a ‘bodyguard’ of protection to shield your skin against premature ageing symptoms. They afford increased luminosity and strengthened skin barrier protection based on "smart ingredients"™. Skin appears revitalised and rejuvenated.

A special Hyaluronic Acid gel, a plant stem-cell extract of Globe Daisy together with a deep-sea vent Extremophile biotech compound, provides great moisture, prepares skin to resist aggression, boosts its own defence systems, reducing water loss, redness, blemishes and many other skin imperfections. Mangosteen, Rhodiola and Turmeric antioxidants, combined with essential minerals bring integrative balance to the formula.

Active ingredients


RevitElix™ is Echium oil providing Omega 3, 6 & 9 to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and participate in barrier repair. It helps rebuild the hydro lipid film as the skins surface for long term plumping. It builds up elastic fibres and is also anti-irritant.

RESISTEM™ contains plant stem cells to increase radiance and luminosity. In clinical trials it is shown to defend the skin, acting like a ‘vaccine’ against skin ageing symptoms. It stimulates the ‘clean up crew’ (proteasome) to remove the waste products associated with drab-looking skin.

CHROMOCARE™ Rabdosia and Seigesbeckia extract. Clinically tested to show improved luminosity and skin tone, helping to reduce redness. It helps to increase collagen density in the skin and decreases skin pigmentation.

VENUCEANE™ contains enzymes from deep sea bacteria which survive in extreme temperatures where living organisms would normally perish. It is clinically tested in the tropics, to provide protection for the skin, helps skin repair, neutralises free radicals and is moisturising. It is one of the ‘smart’ ingredients that becomes more effective the more stress it is under.

MANGOSTEEN FRUIT EXTRACT is rich in vitamins and polyphenols providing anti-oxidant protection

BIODYNES TRF™ is a yeast extract that soothes irritation by stimulating cell respiration and cell metabolism

PRIMAL HYAL™300 is a very special hyaluronic acid fragment that not only helps with moisture control but also stimulates beta-defensin peptides to protect against microbial invasion that cause spots

GENSIL™210 & HISPAGEL™ are a blend of glycerine, ceramides and hyaluronic acid in a special delivery formula that provides absolute moisture to the skin

BIOMIN™ AQUACINQUE provides nutritional support for the skin containing, magnesium, iron, copper, silicon and zinc

HAPPY SKIN™ contains Rhodiola Rosea which induce beta-endorphins, sometimes known as the ‘molecules of happiness, providing a feel good wellness.




After applying to your face and neck, use the excess on your palms, for your lips and the back of your hands

For an extra treatment surge, use a layer under Pure Radiance Mask™

At night, use a little more and all 10 powerhouse active ingredients can work to rejuventate your skin while you sleep.

Please provide us with usage tips you have discovered and would like to share with fellow MERUMAYA customers. We will try to publish as many as we can on our website and you are welcome to post on our Facebook page too www.facebook.com/merumaya



This is where it all began. Iconic Youth Serum epitomises the unique Integrative concept. Prevents while perfecting further signs of skin ageing. It's not just about lines. Elasticity, firmness, radiance, texture all play a part in skin ageing. If there is only one product you use from MERUMAYA, this should be it and that was the basis for the excellence I expected in creating this product which stands as the heartbeat of the brand.

It had to be for all skin types, prevent and undo multiple signs of skin ageing, be super concentrated so that results are speedy, leave the skin feeling velvety and leave you feeling fantastic. I wanted it to be a must-have-cannot-do-without product, that leaves you torn between telling all your best friends about it and keeping it a best kept secret. Please..... tell all your friends!

When I sat round the table with the cosmetic scientists this was the first product addressed. I used a number of scientists so that I could have access to greater intelligence, the worlds very best active ingredients and eliminate any biases. There was one magical moment when I knew this was the most dynamic meeting I had ever had. Two Professors were explaining their leanings towards different actives to address lines and elasticity.

First they directed their comments to me and as the arguments from each side became more intense and more scientific, they shifted to address each other on a very scientific basis. Each expanded on the clinical trials of the ingredient they'd recommended, citing invivo and invitro results. Then came the punch biospsy's conducted on RevitElix, that it both prevented and perfected signs of skin ageing and the fact it had an ingestible version too.

At this point Prof B said to Prof K, I concede, your suggestion is the better ingredient. That is how Echium Oil became such an important ingredient in the three original treatment products. Then Scientist A piped in with what we would need to factor in the manufacturing process in the form of anti-oxidants, Scientist J with considerations for scaling up and filling, and I represented you, the customer. What would you feel, see immediately, see the next morning and 28 days on. How would it engage all your senses, be almost sensual to touch, smell distinctive. Results, results, results. Every active in every product has been challenged in this way by several cosmetic scientists.

I was asked the question 'how much do you want to spend on the formula'? I said, 'give me the very best evidence-based actives in the world, formulate them in the same robust concentrations that were used in the clinical trial and leave the cost to me'. Many scientists since have asked how I could afford those formula's and sell them at accessible price points. The answer is, I am prepared to take less margin in the hopes that I capture you as a loyal customer, you tell all your friends and this becomes the next big British brand that we can all be proud of.

This product fits into any skincare routine after cleansing. You can see and feel a difference and the results just keep getting better and better. I promise you.



Customer Reviews

Great!Review by Zainab
I love the smell and texture of this serum- it absorbs easily and skin feels hydrated though i do use a dedicated moisturiser after. I have marks left from spots and notice that this is helping sooth and stop new ones- I'm on my second bottle now (using both day and night) and very happy with the improvement in my skin tone, appearance and feel. (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Fabulous!Review by Martine
Rich, nourishing, luxurious and does a great job, love it! (Posted on 12/10/2016)
Amazing!Review by Jules
Love this serum, the differences on my skin were noticeable after a couple of weeks. A must have purchase and once I am never without. Love the smell too. (Posted on 19/10/2015)
Lovely productReview by JC
Lovely product. I have noticed quite a difference in the overall texture and appearance of my skin since I started using it (around 3 weeks ago). I will certainly repurchase. (Posted on 17/03/2015)
People notice how good my skin isReview by Lisa G
Very happy with the whole product range, have had people notice how good my skin is, ordering my second batch (Posted on 15/03/2015)
A superior serumReview by Helen B
This product delivers on its promises. I'm 35 and have struggled with adult acne in the recent past. This serum worked miracles on scarring as well as visibly improving the overall tone of my skin. My skin was more 'plumped' and radiant. This is a superior serum and incredibly good value; I will be investing again. (Posted on 06/03/2015)
Love thisReview by jan
Love this, doesn't leave you oily at all just silky smooth. Am trying the whole regime and very pleased so far! (Posted on 03/03/2015)
Love the smell and the textureReview by Juliet Peacock
Love the smell and the texture. Have only tried a small example sachet, but am very impressed already. (Posted on 02/03/2015)
Flawless skin!Review by Priya Joshi
Recently sampled the Melting Cleansing Conditioner and Iconic Youth Serum, both of which I love and picked up from John Lewis whilst on my travels in Glasgow yesterday - couldn't wait a day without them - sink straight into my skin, which I can feel working overnight and wake up to ''see-through" flawless skin! (Posted on 26/09/2014)
WOW!Review by KL
Thank you for the amazing products. I just used the iconic youth serum and all I can say is WOW; just rubbing it on my face made me feel younger. It is like satin on your skin. Thank you again for excellent customer service. (Posted on 29/08/2014)
Love this productReview by Tricia
Love this product - I'm on my third bottle. I keep trying other serums when I run out of IYS, but always come back to it - I notice the difference when I'm not using it, which I think is a true test of a product. Love the cleansing balm too, and I'm looking forward to trying the new night cream. Oh, and the toner is lovely too. (Posted on 29/08/2014)
Fantastic!Review by Noddy
I have tried a few serums & quite a few of them felt 'tacky' on application.This one, however, was fantastic! It has a velvety soft texture that just sinks into the skin making it feel super soft. The only (smal) gripe i have is the smell! It's not as nice as the melting cleansing balm but,as the slight 'fishy' smell is not too overpowering, i can forgive this. The eye cream though is a different matter........! (Posted on 28/08/2014)
My skin has never looked betterReview by C
I've been using the cleansing balm and iconic youth serum for 5 days and my skin has never looked better. My old scars from spots have disappeared and my skin is no longer dry to flaky, texture is even and my skin seems to be glowing, I was worried I would break out but this serum has caused no problems. I'm looking forward to trying more products, especially the exfoliating peel. (I know it's not important but I really like the scent too) (Posted on 27/07/2014)
So much goodness in one little bottle!Review by ItMakesScents
So much goodness in one little bottle! Great as a base for anyone with foundation problems. Such a silky film left on the skin, gives a great base for your makeUp (Posted on 03/07/2014)
Loved the textureReview by Cassie
Loved the texture of this serum but hated the after smell! So was only a night time serum for me but well worth purchasing, it's so silky and feels gorgeous on the skin, did a fab job too. But yes just a Shane about the after smell (Posted on 26/06/2014)
Love this serumReview by Moira carmichael
Love this serum. I am in my late problems but still suffer from hormonal breakouts. I use this on its own without moisturiser and it's great. My only gripe is that it's getting harder to get a hold of. Debenhams and qvc no longer stock it which only leaves john lewis where I found the merumaya range I after much searching in a tiny corner. Think I will need to anticipate when it will run out and order online. (Posted on 22/06/2014)
Amazing productReview by Lucy Sanderson
My skin felt peach-soft on just the first application of this amazing product. I am looking forward to purchasing other products within this range. (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Smoother skinReview by Gabby Cavill
Have noticed that texture on my forehead especially seems smoother and less breakoutty (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Spa qualityReview by Emily Gale
Smelt good. Easy to apply. Velvet, soft. Only need a small amount so would go far. Spa quality (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Skin feels velvety smoothReview by Eva Rollins
This is the first time I have ever used a serum and I think this is the best product I have ever used!Skin feels velvety smooth,wonderful scent too.Love it! (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Great texture & smellReview by Rachael Twiddy
Having tried many serums, I found this one to fabulous! Great texture &smell , I have noticed a big difference in my skin (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Skin looks brighter and feels firmerReview by Andrea Thomson
My skins looks brighter and fells firmer. Fresh and alive. Smells great and a good price (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Silky smooth and feels fantasticReview by Polly Selway
I love this serum. It is silky smooth and smells fantastic and definitely makes me feel I am nourishing my skin.
I have bought this for a friend and will be buying more for myself.
An innovative range of products
(Posted on 20/06/2014)
A seriously good serum !!Review by Jackie Brunning
I have been using this lovely product for a few days now and it feels silky and velvety on the skin, and has a lovely luxurious fragrance.
But what impresses me most is at the end of the day, used under the moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling more moisturised and comfortable than the famous Hyaluronic Acid based Hydrating B5 product I normally use.
This is a seriously good serum !!
(Posted on 20/06/2014)
Brighter and more youthfulReview by Carmen Tunwell
..skin felt lifted and taut; a feat for menopausal skin. Lines and wrinkles appeared relaxed and fine lines faded. Brighter and more youthful. Also had a lovely aroma; sensory pleasure. (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Bar far the best serum I have usedReview by Amanda Naran
Delightful perfume, silky smooth and easily absorbed - this is by far the best serum I have used. Why isn't this brand more well-known? It deserves more recognition! (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Really great product in many waysReview by Lauren Yazdani
I have tried tons of anti-aging serums, but i have to say that The Iconic Youth Serum is by far the best I've ever tried. I like the texture (fresh and not too rich) and the soft and smooth feel of the skin just after the application. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I start to see the long-term benefits too (that's usually where the other products only partly keep their promise...).
Ah, and the smell is addictive too, it makes you feel confident!
Really great product in many ways...
(Posted on 20/06/2014)
You always get moreReview by MERUMAYA
Jeanette Hadley. There is no tube as it is an airless pump. The base just moves up inside the bottle. We overfill the product by about 10% so you always get more that the 30ml declared. (Posted on 15/05/2014)
Love this serumReview by Jeanette Hadley
I have used this product since I received a sample at the Vitality show some years ago. I use this serum everyday and love it but why oh why is the pumping action so very poor, why does'nt the tube go lower down inside the bottle. (Posted on 28/04/2014)
I love this productReview by Jeetu Dattani
I love this product I notice a difference from only using it once. Sylvia (Posted on 25/01/2014)

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