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Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™

Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™ is fhe first beauty oil to contain Cacay Oil, which has even more benefits than Argan Oil  -  50% more Vitamin E and twice as much  Linoleic (Essential Fatty Acids). It also has X3 times more anti-ageing Retinol than rosehip oil (traditionally used to combat scars and healing the skin). 

Cacay oil, carefully blendind with oat, grapeseed and jojoba oils, this exclusive formula provides moisture, elasticity, a reduction in lines, soothes, brightens and nourishes the skin.  In trials for Cacay Oil, 95% reported a reduction in wrinkles while 100% reported an improvement in hydration and firmness and many skin conditions have reportedly improved with Cacay Oil. We blend because there is no single oil that is gives all these benefits, no single oil that is a one size fits all solution - not even Argan Oil.

Non greasy, it absorbs well, leaving a beautiful healthy sheen rather than just sitting on the surface.  It treats a multitude of skin needs, making it superbly practical as well as pleasurable.  Use direct on the face and body or mix with moisturisers.  Use as a scalp treatment or in a scalp facial as well as to tame frizzy ends on your hair.  Nourish cuticles, brows and lashes and use within manicures, pedicures or as an intense overnight foot/hand treatment. 




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Merumaya is first to introduce Cacay Oil, the jewel in the crown of this genius formula. It contains a careful balance of emollient, active and youth-enhancing oils.  Soothing, hydrating, elasticising properties make it perfect for use on the face, body and scalp, even for sensitive skins. The light formula is non-greasy, leaving skin hydrated, smooth and radiant. With fast absorbing protective oils including Cacay Oil, Grape Seed, Oat, Squalend from Olives and Jojoba, along with conditioning Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, it is perfect for use on face, body, hard skin on the feet, hair, scalp, cuticles, lashes and brows too.  No need to buy three oils anymore.

Directions for use;

Face: Apply after Iconic Youth Serum at night. Follow with Overnight Recharge Night Cream or mix a drop or two into your moisturiser

Body: Use directly onto dry patches or mix a few drops into your body moisturiser.

Scalp; massage into dry, flaky, irritated scalp.  Leave in overnight (protecting bedclothes). Wash hair in the morning.

Hair: Either as an overnight conditioning treatment (see scalp) or use the remains on your palms to smooth frizzies, before or after styling.

Cuticles: massage in and leave overnight.

Lashes and Brows: apply tiny amounts being sure not to get it inside your eyes

Active ingredients


KAHAI OIL is rich in Vitamins A, E and F Linoleic Acid.
It revitalises the skins radiance, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and giving it a long lasting hydration. Kahai Oil contains 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than Argan oil; and it has x3 times more Retinol than Rose Hip Oil. It is proven to improve skin hydration, firmness, elasticity and lines. 

SQUALANE is has a natural affinity with the skin and prevents moisture loss, while restoring skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

We use a novel OAT OIL rich in skin identical lipids including Ceramides, Phospholipids, natural antioxidants and Vitamins. In addition to the rich, luxurious skin feel, Oat Oil supports the skin’s natural lipid barrier to improve moisture retention and condition. 

We use a high grade of GRAPE SEED OIL, which is renowned for its antioxidant qualities and soothing properties. The antioxidants in Grape Seed Oil have youthful-ageing effects through protection of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of skin.  It is naturally rich in Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids, offering excellent skin hydration benefits and is reported to help blemish-prone skins too. 

JOJOBA OIL has a light, smooth emolliency and is renowned for its many skin benefits including improving skin elasticity and suppleness. Jojoba is rich in natural tocopherols to help protect skin against oxidation.

 VITAMIN E is a natural antioxidant


Ethylhexyl Stearate, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Squalane, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Caryodendron Orinocense Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Citronellol, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Isoeugenol.



Use it direct or mix into your face and body creams.

When using it to condition eyelashes, rub a tiny amount between the forefingers of each hand. Close the eyes first and then stroke downwards over lashes and with eyes still closed, apply to underlashes. Use at night for brows or during the day to tame unruly brows. You can apply direct with fingers or apply a tiny amount to an eyebrow brush/comb and comb through the brows for glossy finish.

For a dry scalp treatment, massage it into the scalp (and hair if you wish). Leave it on overnight and wash out in the morning. To protect your pillows, put them in a carrier bag, put pillowcase over the top and then wrap in a towel.

Dry and hard skin on the feet - use a hard skin remover and then massage EEBO into the feet. Best used at night,so you can use cotton socks. If using as part of a pedicure. Apply the EEBO as above, put feet into plastic bags and immerse in warm as you can, water.

Cuticles - use daily and for an intense treatment, apply liberally before bed and wear cotton gloves.

To tame frizzies - ruby a tiny amount between palms and comb finger through hair ends of dry hair. You can do the same on wet hair before styling.

Behind the ears - shampoos often get trapped behind the ears causing dryness and irritation. Apply a little behind the ears to alleviate these symptoms.

Please provide us with usage tips you have discovered and would like to share with fellow MERUMAYA customers. We will try to publish as many as we can on our website and you are welcome to post on our Facebook page too www.facebook.com/merumaya



Oils are fabulous for treating a multitude of skin issues including general dryness, occasional dryness in certain area's at certain times. Combined with active ingredients they can go way beyond addressing dry skins with benefits that address, ageing, problem skins, stretch marks and more.

I think the development and growth of organic skincare products over the last couple of decades is pivotal in the increase of the number of beauty oils that have launched. Primarily because in the early days, organic products were limited to a only a few forms that included oils and balms. Creating emulsions, water-based formulae and those that foamed was hugely challenging for organic brands. Over the last two decades, there have been advances and some creative license in how much of the product is organic and which organisation certify's it. Anyway, it meant that oils of all kinds were developed, cleansing, hair, face, scalp and each addressing a different area allowed more products to be developed.

Added to that, is the intelligence gained from other cultures and their rituals, that include the use of oils for the benefit of skin, body, hair, scalp etc. For example Ayurvedic practices.

As a child, I had extremely long, thick hair and each Saturday night, my Mother used to apply oil to my hair and scalp and it was washed out the following morning. My scalp was healthy and my hair was conditioned. I also had an oily and problem skin and often used an oil to remove make up because it is very effective at cutting through the sebum on the skin, for an effective cleanse that is critical to all skins, especially problem skins. Using harshly drying products, strips the skin and it works harder to replenish the oil. And of course we all know the benefits to dry skins. Many sufferers of eczema and psoriasis get some relief from oils too.

Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil was created with my six pillars ( http://www.merumaya.com/mission-and-inspirations )to guide me and has negated the need to buy several different oils for different parts of the body. In addition, I wanted it to be really versatile in how you use it so, it is gentle enough to use direct onto the skin and powerful enough to deliver results when mixed in with your face or body moisturiser. It had to work effectively and efficiently without feeling greasy or laying on the surface of the skin, so that all skin types would enjoy using it.

I worked with the team of cosmetic scientists to also deliver on the following:

  • Prevent & Perfect skin ageing - improves elasticity and lines while moisturising to retain the suppleness of skin - all this for both face and body
  • Performance - had to include oils that have clinically tested evidence. It is all active oils that include; antioxidants, ceramides, phospholipids, vitamins, omega's and Linoleic Acid. Had to be light enough to tame frizzies and condition lashes and potent enough to address cuticles and dry skin on the feet. An excellent example of this is Kahai Oil which contains 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than Argan oil; and it has x3 times more Retinol than Rose Hip Oil. It is proven to improve skin hydration, firmness, elasticity and lines.
  • Pleasure - we all want more pleasure in our lives and I have included my Signature Essence Blend to make you feel fabulous and it contains nature identical actives that are said to enhance attraction and confidence. The formula feels silky, it absorbs well, does not leave behind a layer of greasiness and dry skins might even be able to use it under make up. It will help to ease the discomfort of excessively dry areas of skin
  • Practicality - One bottle addresses all area's. You can use it direct or give pop of extra oil to your moisturiser or body cream so, it is versatile in use and in concentration to meet the different needs of each area. Requires less storage space, means you are less likely to waste product too. It is packaged in a bottle with a pipette so that you can easily meter the dose and have less waste.
  • Price - this is the biggest challenge I have because of the amount of very expensive actives I insist must go into all my formula's but I also insist on being priced as accessibly and fairly as possible. Also, you do not have to invest in two or three different oils so, have less of an outlay and are less likely to waste product through it ageing.
  • Patriotism - Yep, all actually Made right here in Britain (not just put in a carton in the UK) and I have sourced the packaging from British suppliers too. It supports our economy.
  • When I was happy with the formula, I invited those customers that are signed up to my emails, the chance to put it all to the test. I do this because I truly want to create products that you want rather than just what I think you want or what is the latest trend. We got fantastic reviews;

  • 89% said they had improvements in moisture
  • 72% said the absorption was great
  • 67% said it was better than their current brand
  • you can see some of the written reviews in the customer comments section.
  • All in all, a lot of thought and customer participation has gone into the creation of Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil and I really hope you love it.

    Customer Reviews

    Perfect!Review by Martine
    Earlier this year my skin went crazy.
    It was red, sore and flaky.
    I was always afraid of oils because even at 47 I still get breakout and oily skin, but because of the flakiness I needed something extra.
    I bought a few samples of oils which were OK, but then discovered this and it's fabulous!
    No more flakiness, great mild smell, nourishing and a big 50ml, when most oils are 30ml at most...Love it! (Posted on 12/10/2016)
    Powerful MoisturisingReview by Jo (Tester)
    I applied the oil directly to my face. I was astounded by how my skin seemed to drink it in - this was like no other face oil I've used. It didn't break me out either, which is always a major concern with most oils.
    I used the oil directly on my body and was impressed with how quickly the oil sank in and how soft my skin felt after use. It absorbs better than my current oil, which I previously thought was quite good on this front. For use as a body oil I wish is was slightly more scented.
    I don't normally use oils on my scalp but I thought I would try this out. It felt lovely to use and I think would provide real benefits at the times my scalp is dry and uncomfortable.
    I tried the oil in place of my usual hair oil applying it directly to damp hair after a shower. I was concerned that like other multi-use oils I've tried it would make my hair greasy, but this didn't seem to be the case. After use my hair was frizz free, soft, shiny and not weighed down.
    I tried this on my cuticles when they were quite a state. I had lots of hangnails, and a cut above one nail where the clingfilm dispenser had attacked me. The oil worked wonders on my hangnails and I think make the cut heal faster than I would have expected it to have. The other brilliant thing was that because the oil absorbed so quickly I felt I could apply it throughout the day, rather than having to wait until I had hours to sit around not touching anything.
    I have never used a brow and lash conditioner before, but I applied a small amount of the oil directly. My lashes and brows felt softer after use, but I'm not sure I need a product of this type.
    It feels thinner to apply than other oils I have used, and absorbs much better but still has just as much softening power. A true multi-tasker.
    (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Just rightReview by Katherine (Tester)
    I used your beauty oil on my face before moisturising. It has a delicate scent, not overpowering, completely different to others I have tried which are quite strong. It absorbed well and felt lovely on my skin, and my moisturiser sank in well on top of it. After a few days I noticed the dry patches I sometimes get on my cheeks has improved and my skin looked a little less dull in the morning after using it at night.
    I used your beauty oil on my body after showering whilst my skin was still slightly damp. It absorbed well, but I would have preferred more of a scent to be left on my skin. My legs and arms do not suffer from dryness so I did not see much of an effect there, however it has improved the dryness on my hands, I found it much better than a hand cream.
    I had good results on my hands, it improved the condition and did help my cuticles become softer.
    I would prefer a stronger scent, but the texture and absorption is just right. It also felt very nourishing and soothing on my skin. I found it to be a great massage oil.
    It absorbed very well, it did not leave any greasy residues. I was able to dress shortly afterwards.
    I would say you have the level just right, it softened my hands, and was moisturising on my face and body. In terms of comfort, it felt very soothing when I massaged it in.
    An all over/multi-use Beauty Oil with a delicate, subtle fragrance to improve skin radiance and soften/moisturise your skin.
    (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Very goodReview by Kayleigh (Tester)
    I liked using the oil as a facial oil, it felt really nice on the skin, it did not feel greasy like other brands and sank in quickly, I felt like it gave a glow to the skin and did not break me out like other oils have.
    I mixed it with my usual body moisturiser and it delivered a much longer lasting hydration to my winter parched skin. Using the moisturiser alone my legs would be dry by the time I was going to bed, but this was not the case with the oil.
    I used it as a pre-treatment and coated my hair in it for an hour before washing and this really tamed the frizz and gave my shine to my dyed hair.
    The level of moisturising, comfort and softening was very good, especially as I have been dealing with dry skin recently due to central heating etc., and it has really helped to comfort the skin and make it feel nourished.
    I would say the texture and feel of it is better than other beauty oils I have used.
    (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Very versatileReview by Lena (Tester)
    Great all-round product. It's very versatile and provides the right amount of moisture to any area. (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Very softeningReview by Louise (Tester)
    I tried this both on its own and with my moisturiser and I can say I loved both ways! On its own it absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised.
    Makes brows/lashes soft and makes applying mascara easier as it glides on.
    Was very softening to the skin and left my skin fully moisturised and not itchy like some products do.
    Best uses being the face, body and scalp. Helps fully moisturise the skin and leaves it smooth and not flaky or dry.
    (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Left my skin very happy! Review by Sophia (Tester)
    I used the oil directly on my face after serum and eye cream, before moisturiser. As a facial oil, I found the Beauty Oil currently tops all of my favourites. As a body oil, I used it direct, sometimes before a thicker moisturiser (i.e. a body butter), but generally alone. Generally before bed as I find some oils to be a little sticky under clothing. I only tried it as a body oil once, due to the sample size (I wanted to save it for my face, hair and nails!), but I found it to be just as lovely as others I use.
    Used after washing my hair, before drying and styling. On the rare occasion, if my hair has dried naturally and is a little worse for wear, a touch of oil before straightening. The Beauty Oil worked wonders to tame flyaways and overall left my hair feeling incredibly soft.
    I found it really lovely - when used as a facial oil my skin felt instantly hydrated, softer and more plump to the touch. When used as a cuticle oil I found it sank into skin well whilst leaving my nails looking beautifully healthy and glossy! As a hair oil I found it had an almost instantaneous effect, making my hair feel incredibly soft.
    The formula had a lovely feel to it; no unwanted greasy or sticky residue which I often find with oils.
    It's a beautiful and really effective oil that has left my skin very happy! I genuinely fell in love with it and loved the way it made my skin, body and hair feel!
    (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Fantastic level of moisturisingReview by Sonal (Tester)
    Skin was moisturised and the oil absorbed instantly, without any greasy feel on my skin. I applied the oil directly on to my face. It didn't cause my skin to break out. Better than the Rosehip Oil I normally use as it absorbed very quickly, so Beauty Oil could be used under makeup too.
    Skin on the body feels more moisturised and dry skin has disappeared. I mixed the oil with my normal body butter.
    Definitely helped my dry scalp, I applied a small amount on my scalp every other day and have not had any dandruff since.
    Used a small amount during/after styling my hair and the fly away hairs were tamed quickly.
    Worked well as a cuticle softener, cuticles were left soothed and dry skin disappeared.
    Lashes look more conditioned. Brows and lashes look more enhanced.
    Fantastic level of moisturising, comfort and softening, Beauty Oil worked very well.
    A great, versatile oil which definitely does what it says it will.
    (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Lovely!Review by Guiuli (Tester)
    I don't have a dry scalp or frizzy hair but I did use the oil as a deep treatment and massaged into the scalp too. The oil absorbed better than others I've tried (like using almond oil for example). I'm not sure whether I would use this in such a copious amount depending on the price but it did leave my hair feeling lovely and didn't take too long to wash out which was a bonus! As a cuticle softener it was lovely! This was my favourite use for the product which I suppose is a bit strange! It was nice to have the oil by my bed and put onto my cuticles before sleeping. The oil absorbed well meaning I didn't oily fingers at all! And after a fair few uses my cuticles felt soft and I'm sure my nail varnish applied better! It also conditions the nails well. I used it on my feet too which tend to be more callous - especially in winter - so that's an extra use. (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Great Review by Jaqui (Tester)
    I loved the beauty oil as a face oil, it was light to apply and went in smoothly. I used it neat but it blended into my skin well and didn't feel at all greasy. I used it at night after cleansing and before going to bed, I didn't find my hair got oily as a result. I think I used the tiniest amount and this spread well over my face, neck and ears. It seemed to be absorbed well, my complexion didn't look greasy. This was great in comparison to other brands which can feel 'heavy' and leave my fringe looking lank. I was delighted with the oil. Any dry patches on my forehand and sides of my nose disappeared by the morning and I've never looked back.
    I've used a small amount on my forearms and also my feet. I like the effect, my skin looks nourished and I think I prefer using an oil rather than a moisturiser which can be heavy to apply and feel very wet until it absorbs. I didn't try mixing the oil with a moisturiser as I wanted to see the effect with just the oil. That was successful.
    I've not used a dry scalp treatment before but occasionally throughout the year I do suffer from dry scalp and dandruff. I used the oil sparingly on my scalp about an hour before showering and washing my hair, it was amazing. My hair wasn't at all greasy after washing and my scalp felt and looked great. I could see at my hairline there was no dryness whatsoever, this will be a great addition to my stock of supplies.
    I don't have frizzy hair as such but it is wavy once it's washed. Sometimes I prefer to leave my hair to dry naturally and like the natural waves, the beauty oil really helped keep them in shape and in place without any greasiness. On days I prefer my hair straight I used a couple of drops on my fingertips and moisturised the top layer of my hair. It made drying a dream and I did have a lovely sheen to my hair and didn't need my usual glossing spray to finish.
    I have sparseish brows to that was lovely to define and keep my brows in shape. I used the remnants of what was on my hands after moisturising my face with the oil and shaped my brows. A really good tip, thanks.
    Behind my ears can sometimes get dry and itchy especially if I've used a lot of hair products. The oil was very soothing and the tiniest amount was effective.
    After one night of using the oil on my face and experiencing no hair greasiness I was sure it would absorb easily and quickly everywhere and it did. I've had no side effects of using the oil at all and any dry patches on forehead and nose have disappeared and the skin feels and looks smooth, a natural shade and seems completely at ease with itself.
    Some other oils seem to have a lot of additives and sometimes my skin can look redder after I've applied it than it was before.
    (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Very GoodReview by Pauline (Tester)
    Your beauty oil was very good. I thought my cheeks might flare up and become red, but I have experienced no problems at all. I have used the oil to massage my face, I have also just patted it into my skin. I have also mixed it with a night cream. I really liked using the oil alone, it absorbed very quickly and left my skin feeling soft and supple. I loved it as a body oil, my skin felt silky and smooth after use. The oil absorbed very quickly. Great as a cuticle softener! I used a small brush and worked it into my cuticles. It blended immediately and I also used some as a massage oil on my hands. I have eye problems, so I avoided using the oil on my lashes, but I did use it on my brows and was surprised how silky and smooth it left them. They are quite thick and it really tamed them! I recently had foot surgery and I have used some of the oil to massage into my feet as they have been neglected during the recovery period. The oil has left my feet feeling soft, supple and I'm sure it has helped the scar too. I noticed it particularly on my body. My arms are very soft. I had some dimpling and roughness on my upper arms and it's totally gone just by using this oil. I like the idea of one multi-tasking oil, rather than different bottles for different areas of the body. I found your oil worked just as well as my other oils. It is a very efficient multi-tasking oil that absorbs well and leaves face and body feeling soft and supple. (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    LOVEReview by Christabel (Tester)
    I use it after serum and before moisturiser, and I prefer that the Merumaya Oil is an actual oil and not a dry oil. It feels really intensely nourishing and a little bit goes a long way. Absorption is not as quick but I quite like that and the need to massage it in. I only use the oil at night. I used this twice on the scalp in 10 days and it worked really well to calm my scalp down. Not having used any oil previously on my brows and lashes, I particularly love that it is not irritating to the eye and I swear my lashes look healthier and longer after using it. I love the smell of this and I do love that it's a multi-purpose oil. I prefer multi use oils for travelling. 9/10 - LOVE. I really like this product! Well done! (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Effective cuticle oil.Review by Brenda (Tester)
    I found this Merumaya beauty oil to be very effective as a cuticle oil. I used this on it's own and rubbed it into my cuticles every morning. It absorbed well into the nail bed and cuticle and left them feeling soft. In the short time I have been using the Merumaya beauty oil, I have found my cuticles to be soft, smooth, and generally much healthier looking. Plus, I adore the smell when going to sleep! (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Skin beautifully moisturisedReview by Toicia (Tester)
    I used the oil on my body on five occasions after my bath. It was pleasant to use, with a lovely fragrance. It spread very easily on damp skin so I did not need to use as much. It absorbed quickly and I was able to dress within minutes. My skin was beautifully moisturised and the feeling lasted for 24 hours. (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    A real treatReview by Jasmine (Tester)
    I preferred this is terms of absorption to rosehip, argan and starflower oil. Good to layer under and over face cream, doesn't make makeup slide off! My favourite way to use it is as a body oil. The easiest body oil I have ever used due to fast absorption. Also the beautiful smell. Feels like a real treat, but so fast to use. Lovely as a cuticle softener, nice smell, quickly absorbed. Not as rich as argan or starflower oil but more practical to use due to fast absorption. Lovely on brows, not greasy looking just gave slight sheen. Moisturising, comfort and softening lovely on face and just right. Not enough on nails and cuticles. Great on the body and instantly comforting. Was worried my facial skin would react but seemed fine, didn't use around eyes. Glamorous as skin has a lovely glowy sheen. I've thoroughly enjoyed using this and am using up and enjoying the whole sample even though the trial has ended. (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Great multi-tasker. Review by Manuela (Tester)
    It wasn't exactly a dry oil, but it absorbed quickly and left my skin plump and hydrated. This oil is a great multi-tasker. I normally have different oil for face/body/cuticles, but this one has been a great all rounder. (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    A life saving multi-use productReview by Nitya (Tester)
    VERY good on the skin. Applied on the face, I woke up with soft and glowing skin every morning. It absorbed nicely. As a body oil it had a nice softening effect that doesn't need to be rinsed off unlike the almond oil. Particularly good as a cuticle treatment, it had an instant long lasting softening effect from using very little product. As a skin treatment, I would say it out-performs others as the absorption and softening effect was amazing. A beautifully fragranced, softening oil that absorbs into the skin to leave it moisturised and glowing. A life saving multi-use product, which will always be in my bathroom and travel kit for dryness emergencies. (Posted on 24/08/2015)
    Great Absorption Review by Patricia (Tester)
    Excellent Moisturiser. The oil is finer/lighter than other oils I have used. The absorption is excellent. It feels lovely. It appears to make my neck (think turkey) look more acceptable. I don't have frizzy hair, but it helps just a tiny amount on split ends when waiting for next hairdressing appointment. My nails can be brittle. On both hands and feet oil on my cuticles appears to be helping me grow stronger nails. Great on heels of feet and bottom. In fact you are to be congratulated on a lovely product. I have been using oils for two years now and know the benefits. I am ready to change to yours, if I can afford it. (Posted on 03/08/2015)

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